Embark on the DN Unlimited Hackathon journey and use your skills to answer these questions:

  • How can we build sustainable businesses during the economic unrest?
  • How can tech help us facilitate positive & long-term social impact?
  • What are the ways to enact both healthcare and data accessibility for all?
  • How to ensure cybersecurity and data protection in the times of exponential growth of data?


Developers, designers, creative people, problem solvers, digital entrepreneurs, makers, and innovative start-ups who signed up for the Hackathon via this form: https://datanatives.typeform.com/to/yjrrDGWy 

Use your teams’ interdisciplinary skills and be creative together to develop solutions that help solve the proposed problems. 


Before the deadline all teams need to create a video of maximum 2 minutes via YouTube and send it along with any additional material on Devpost. The submission portal will open on the 23rd of September and close on the 25th at 11:59PM.

What you should prepare in advance before submitting to Devpost: 

    • The problem your project solves
    • The solution you bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used)
    • What you have done during the weekend
    • The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]
    • The URL to the pitch video (Required)

The video pitch: 

    • Language: Please submit your video in English
    • Length: no longer than 2 minutes
    • Uploaded to YouTube as a public video (it can be “unlisted” if you want to) 
    • We recommend structuring the video into 4 parts: the problem, the solution, what you accomplished and finally what you are planning to do next.

Hackathon Sponsors


Continued mentorship & product development - Bayer

Fast track - Vision Health Pioneers

Support by Flying Health

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Max Wegner

Max Wegner
Head of Regulatory Affairs,Bayer

Lina Nikolopoulou

Lina Nikolopoulou
Managing Director, eHealth Forum

Alistair Nolan

Alistair Nolan
Administrator at Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Norman Hiob

Norman Hiob
Strategy & Startup Consultant, Norman Hiob

Laura Nelde

Laura Nelde
Startup Relationship Manager, Flying Health

Maren Lesche

Maren Lesche
Head of Incubation, Vision Health Pioneers

Kirill Satanovsky

Kirill Satanovsky
Co-founder, HackingEDU

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    How innovative is the idea? Does the approach stand out from solutions that are available so far?
  • Impact
    Does the solution generate impact for our society? How viable is the solution?
  • Applicability
    How user-friendly is the solution? Is the solution convenient to be used? How viable is the solution?
  • Feasibility
    How realistic is the implementation of the idea? Can the solution be brought into life by further research projects or by founding a company?
  • Execution
    How sophisticated and well-made is the technical implementation?

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